For more than two decades, Pegasus Ediltech S.A. has been active in designing, producing and installing:

a) high quality external solar shading systems made of aluminum, glass or wood

b) high quality door and window frames made of aluminum or wood


Pegasus Ediltech S.A. has created the SUNTECH series (including E, LAM, PERF, AL, GLASS, FIXED SOLAR SHADING SYSTEMS) aiming the highest quality and aesthetics of the shading system.

Since 2003, SUNTECH products have been installed in a wide range of projects, with equal success in big public buildings and energy-efficient residencies. Their effectiveness and durability have been successfully tested on site, providing more signs of the high quality that defines SUNTECH solar shading systems.

Until recently, in Greece, despite long and intense sunshine, only a small amount of, imported, shading systems were installed externally to glass facades and conventional buildings. This paradox has been answered by our innovative and productive company. Our SUNTECH™ shading systems have been installed in many major projects throughout Greece and abroad.


Since 1995, Pegasus Ediltech S.A. has been producing and installing door and window frames of high quality and thermal performance. Steadily, through all those years, we have been providing reliable thermal insulation products and support in an obscure greek market.


Since 2000 Pegasus Ediltech S.A. has been ISO 9001 certified. Our products conform to the EC’s directives (EN19561 on External Blinds) and bear the CE marking.



SUNTECH top quality shading systems by Pegasus Ediltech


High quality frames made of aluminum or wood