For the last two decades, Pegasus Ediltech S.A. has been functioning with a philosophy in mind that can be summarized in the following points:

Α) We ensure the high and consistent quality of our products.

Β) We take over the installation of the product.

Pegasus Ediltech’s experienced team visits the building site and installs the product in question, therefore releaving the contractor from seeking and hiring specialized technicians (something that, particularilly in the solar shading sector, is of a critical importance regarding the correct mounting, as well as the proper and safe functioning of the shading system).

Γ) Quality/Price ratio.

The company works hard on the optimization of the quality/price (value for money) ratio .

Δ) Smooth working conditions.

We are not looking to optimize our quality/price ratio using hard, cost-leadership strategies on gaining a competitive advantage. Instead, we are constantly working in achieving a balanace between profit and smooth working conditions of Pegasus Ediltech’s employees.

Ε) Flexibility and Personal Contact

Pegasus Ediltech is migrating the flexibility of a small company in projects of large, medium or even smaller tonnage, as well as in residencies with energy efficient design. Describe your plans to us, and we will come up with solutions that entirely meet your needs.